Nature and Nurture

The Agile Gene: How Nature Turns on Nurture, published in 2003 by Matt Ridley

Ten years after its publication, this book has aged extremely well. Its incisive views of nature vs. nurture, free will, and emotions have opened new paths for exploration.

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Hope for Humanity: Review of the book A Thousand Brains, by Jeff Hawkins

This is a book of hope for humanity. But more than just hope, Jeff Hawkins has a plan–a plan for all humanity, and beyond. Each of its three sections is largely independent, and yet in the final two, short chapters Jeff Hawkins unites the book into a breathtaking estate plan for humanity.

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Why is Good Governance so Hard?

Inclusion leads to success. Extraction leads to failure. Human nature is flawed. Without strong guardrails and protections for freedom, the natural human greed and hubris of leaders frequently lead to corruption, then extraction, then inevitable failure of a nation.

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